The Beginning.

The most beautiful think about One of the greatest things about web design is that we enjoy it; it is our passion and life. Some people relax watching TV, at Zeus, we relax programming and designing websites.

Good design is based on thorough research and yields tangible results, from a responsive web design that delights your visitors, to digital marketing campaigns that drive traffic to your website. We design with style and substance.

Tony Baldo: “In 2000, I arrived in the US, and, of course, the easiest way to make a living was to start my own company for developing websites. Back in the day, things were different; each website or section was programmed separately. Today, things are very easy.

For many years, Zeus was my life and included sub-projects, like and; I took care of the technical part of those businesses. After 2008, I partnered up with another company to offer printing products and website development. And finally, in 2014, I founded a marketing agency, whose services include the 786 Editorial Group. Currently. Zeus Webmaster is a brand property of the group; we have three magazines, three books, five marketing agencies around the world, and four other brands, like MyQrBC.”

Our Team.

ZeusWebmaster is part of the 786 Editorial Group. Directly maybe we are less than 10, but sometimes others from the group work with us, so our customer have the possibility to have a big help of more than 50 family members at 786 Group


Web Developer 


Web Developer 


Graphic Designer


Mexico Associated


Senior Copy Editor


Mexico Associated

Our 786 Group Partners.